Today’s my last day at my current employer. I’ll have the hardware wiped and dropped off by noon, and I’m hoping to go to my preferred pho spot (which is a block from the office) but that nor’easter is finally hitting our part of the world and freezing rain and ice pellets have a good chance of starting between 11 and 12 so I might end up doing takeout which would still be delicious but not quite the experience I want.

The new gig is in a different part of town. It’s near a bougie commercial district called Belmont Village, adjacent to one of the nicer neighbourhoods. My parents’ place (which we moved to when I was in grade 2) is not too far from there and so I spent a lot of time in that part of the world. It was less bougie then, folks had mostly moved out of the urban cores and into suburbs during that period but that nicer part of town always has been so it’s never not been upscale.

There’s a lot of good restaurants, including a Thai place that has pho on the menu which is probably good, but it isn’t really a pho place. Y’know? And they don’t have chicken satay, but they do have a lemon grass chicken which I’m looking forward to trying.

There’s also a good Indian place which has been very absent from my diet in recent years and of course, Big John Subs. Big John Subs were a delicacy growing up. Belmont Village isn’t so close to that childhood home that it was where we would go regularly to spend time and money, we were much closer to Waterloo Town Square. But Big John’s was maybe a bike trip out on a summer day, the mythical sub shop in the distance.

There’s also a small collection of upscale places that maybe Jen and I can even go to for a quiet after work supper every now and then and better shopping options. Gifted, my favourite store that I’ve never actually been into, features lots of local artists.

Anyway, it will be nice to explore the updates to a neighbourhood I’ve been very familiar with, to jog some old memories and create some new ones.

I’m not super pleased with this particular post, there’s some nugget of a thought I’ve been trying to work out but it isn’t really happening. I want to mark the occasion though, so here it is.