Incomplete thoughts

Things aren’t always going to end properly or be edited or be posted on the date they are timestamped. The github repo will have more accurate information about creation dates and such but not too much more since things publish when I push them.

Anyway, I start the files on the day and if I don’t finish the thought, oh well. That’s kind of the point I guess?

So I played a couple more hours of Hollow Knight, and I didn’t really log it. I was living risky. Having a notes file is a bit of a responsibility as well as a benefit. Without logging the block points it’s not

Sentences and paragraphs can end mid-thought I’ve decided. I promise not to abuse this, but frankly I just want out of whereever I was going.

I think being able to add ad hoc notes to a game, or to have games where note-taking is more of a feature, is an interesting point. I do like how part of Hollow Knight’s progression is point of interest markers but also… I’d just like to write stuff. But on a console would I really? Probably, yeah. It’d still be easier than using a notebook.

And in the case of Hollow Knight and many others, I think most metroidvanias probably and things like RPGs and open world adventure games and such, I don’t think that the depth of the experience would suffer really? I don’t know.

Note taking inside a game can’t be that innovative a thought and there has to be reasons not to do it, but like last time I played a Civ game (Civilization 6) I really wanted to add notes about what I wanted the different cities I was managing to do, things like that.

I can understand how managing that sort of thing is probably just a really shitty experience all around. My notes are not great, and I have complete control over basically everything about them. Medium, level of detail, you name it.