I think about the future sometimes, though historically I have tended to intentionally not plan or set explicit goals.

When I turned 35, I bought myself a guitar and joked-but-for-real that I was setting myself up for having a hobby when I’m 45. In the years (4, as of this writing) since then I’ve begun to think more about life at 45 and several months ago I started to realize there are some things I want for myself. Things that describe the person I want to be at that point in my life.

Some of these are things may already true for me but will continue to require focus and intent to maintain. Some things I’ve been working on and some things aren’t at all true of me at all and are changes I’d like to make.

I intend to be present when I am with my family.

I intend to think of playing guitar and cycling as integral to identity as creating software is currently.

I intend to be satisfied with the way I spend my days, the work I do and the people with whom I spend my days.

I intend to be healthy, and to be working on improving my level of fitness.

I intend to be a good friend to a few people.